Sunday, 26 January 2014

Goodbye and again and again

This has been a weird week. It was Nycoles last week with us and it went on longer then I thought it would.


I finally did everything that I wanted to do. I went to publix and bought fresh food and then did laundry and relaxed. Basically an amazing day and a good way to finally get over the stomach bug that I had.

Monday-wed and friday:

These where just normal days at work nothing exciting that I can remember happened.


I slept in and then went to the Florida mall. It was not as good as I thought it was going to be. I bought a few things and the forever 21 store is better then the outlet but not as good as the one at fairview mall. That will forever be my favourite store. I bought something from Macys in the sale area. It was on sale because someone returned it and turns out they wore it and then returned it… ewwwwww. Oh well I will was it so many times before I wear it. I got the bus back home and then just  watched a movie and then went to bed.


Today I thought was going to be my last day with Nycole. We had a roommate lunch at BJ's with Kim, Carrie, Monica, Nycole and myself. After lunch Monica, Nycole and I went into the death pool (hot tub) for a few min. Then Monica took Nycole back to her hotel to get the Magical Express. I stayed home for a bit and then decided to go to walmart. I spent way more then I wanted too. I have been trying to save up my money for the past few week. This trip to Walmart I bought everything I haven't for the last few weeks. Oh well it should last me awhile and I can count that as my grocery shoppin for this pay check. When I got home Monica was in the kitchen and she told me what happened. Nycole got to the airport check in and there was a problem. Apparently they thought she still needed to pay for the fact that she changed her flight. She already payed and so by the time the guy got everything sorted out it was too late for her to get the plane. She started freezing out ad the guy ended up having to call the police. Six officers came over, I think that's overkill and she's this little brazillian girl... Yeah so dangerous. The guards where apparently nice and helped her get on the next flight instead of loosing her money. Monica told me she was in a cab on the way over to te apartment. Not long after that we hear a knock at the door. It was Nycole. We got her stuff to Monica's car and got her settled at home. Understandably her biggest concern was her brother, he is 17 and can't speak English. He made his flight a few hours earlier and that meant that he was in LA alone. She got everything sorted as best she could. Eventually K and Kim came home and they where happy and mad to see her. Typical nycole having something bad happen to her. Before they got home Monica nycole and I started watching a movie so we all finished watching it. Well Monica and I did. Nycole and K fell asleep ad Kim went to her room.  


Today was the day Nycole finally left. Monica and I took her to the airport at 4, well really 4:30 by the time we got to the car. We got her to the airport and then helped her her bags inside. After that Monica and I drove back home. I had to work so I went to bed for a few hours before getting up and getting ready. Work was okay. I was working with a good cast which always helps. We where running smooth all day untill around 5:45. Matt comes out and puts his costume shirt in the kidcot box and said he was going on a keys walk with Caleb one of our managers. It happens all the time so no big deal. Other then we had 2 bump outs and 3 breaks to still happen before 8. Matt was gone for almost two hours and the last half our there where only three of us in the attraction and then only two when Kirsten went on break. After the last two breaks where given everything was fine. I learned that the phone in the theatre is really off as I thought that we still had time for one more show. Turns out it was 9 so we didn't oops! I decided to wait for Carrie and Carolyn as I knew they where both done at 9:30. I sat in the trailer untill 9:30 and then walked really slowly and didn't see them utill I was in the bus driving away. I got home made fries, wrote my last post and then went to bed. 

Have a magical day! 


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