Wednesday, 30 January 2013

One day!

It's almost interview time! I'm all packed for Montreal and ready to go! I had a problem tonight where I thought I had lost the folder with all my things for the interview. My dad and I looked all over my house and then I got my sister to help and after 40 min of looking she found it... on the printer. The same place where I looked everywhere on the computer desk but the printer 3 times haha thanks Ali! Anyway with that problem solved I am a lot calmer now. I went to whole foods this afternoon and bought some vegan junk food. My dad has a few things he needs to do at work then we will be on our way to Montreal! I will update when we get settled into the hotel!

Until then,
Have a magical day!


Friday, 18 January 2013

14 days!

Ahhh!! Only 14 more days until the most important interview of my life! Hotel booked, pre interview dinner planed and travel route ready to go! I keep trying to distract myself from thinking about it too much but it is not working. Until next time!

Have a magical day!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Three more weeks!

I found out exactly three weeks after my phone interview that I made it to the face to face interviews! I found out the beginning of December and I have just shy of three weeks left! I am so excited! I am from just outside of Toronto and the interview is in Montreal, it's a bit of a journey but thankfully my dad offered to drive me. I'm thinking although it saves me money I can't just sand up when I'm tired of sitting. I hope to find out the results shortly after because I don't think I can handle anymore waiting. I would rather just find out what happened then sit and wonder!

Have a magical day!


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Why Disney?

This is a question I get a lot. Now that I have started to tell people about my love for Disney, people are constantly asking me why? Some times I think they are thinking 'you are 18 years old and of all of the things to be passionate about you chose Disney? A company mainly known for its princesses and family entertainment' I think a lot of people wonder this, and I would of thought the same thing. I now know that Disney is way more then just a company that makes movies about princesses and fairytales. Disney is a company started by my role model Walt Disney himself. Yes my obsession with Disney started with the man himself. The first time I remember having interest in Walt was when my family took our first and only trip to Walt Disney World. My sister and dad went into the Narnia exhibit, but I made my mom take me into the Walt Disney attraction. I remember looking at everything, trying to take it all in but I honestly at the time knew nothing about the man other then the company he started. I remember seeing pictures of different things like them making Disneyland and Walt Disney World. At the end they had this movie and again I made my mom sit and watch the entire thing. Once we got outside it occurred to me that we had been in there longer then I thought. One thing that I regret from that trip was not being more interested in Disney. I wanted to go to Disney to tell people I went there, to show off to my friends that I went there. I was too cool to ride dumbo (my biggest regret from that trip) I was to old for the monsters Inc laugh floor. Now knowing what I do I would go back in a heart beat to do everything all over again. I have learned so much about Disney and about myself since that trip but one thing that has remained the same is disney. People have religion to turn to when times get tough, but me and many other people we turn to Disney. I love Disney because of what I think it stands for; family, hope, dreams, wishes, never giving up, believing in yourself and so much more. I personally believe that Walt Disney was not a bad man. Not everyone will agree with me and I know and accept that but thats what I think and people will never be able to tell me otherwise. Walt Disney has shown me its okay to be different, fight for what you believe in and follow your dreams. Everything I have heard millions of times but when it comes from such an amazing man like Walt it's different.

Overall I love disney for what it stands for, what it does to help people. Gives me something to believe in and Walt Disney inspires me to do the impossible.

Have a magical day!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Phone interview

It was about three days later when I heard back and I got the email saying that I got a phone interview! I knew that although I made it this far I would have to have one of the most important interviews of my life on the thing I hate the most... the phone. Every since I can remember I have had this weird fear about talking to people on the phone. I don't know why I just do. I can't even call a family member other than my parents or my sister without getting nervous. So this would be a big step for me. Kristen gave me an option of having my interview on three different days with a big time span on each day. Lucky for me I had nothing going on that week other then a Dr. apt so I was really flexible with dates and time. After I confirmed the date and time with her she told me it was on the Wednesday between 12:30 and 5:00. I was really hoping that she would call before my mom and sister would be home because I had only told two people at this point about my application and my family where not them. She called me at 1:05 pm and the conversation was exactly 5 min long. I at first felt a little discouraged by this but when I heard that other people also had that amout of time I felt better. I have learned some tips for this interview that some of you may know if you have done your research. A few things I learned before the interview and I believe to be true is that you need to SMILE the entire time you are talking. Kristen has done allot of these pre screen interviews and so she can tell right away if you are smiling and actually interested in the program. Another tip is to RELAX and BE YOURSELF, I put those in capitals because I believe they are very important. Yes I know it is really nerve racking and lets just say I am so very happy that there was no one home before my phone call to hear my weird screams and noises I was making haha. Kristen is very happy, I am use to disney store employes who are happy but even for an extreme disney fan it seems a little over the top. I am not saying it is a bad thing, it actually helped me to calm down and try to focus on what she was saying what I was saying. At the end of the conversation she told me where the two locations for the face to face interview where and where I would prefer to go. My options where Montreal or Vancouver and because I live near Toronto my obvious choice would be Montreal. She also told me that I would find out in 4-6 weeks and that I would have at least 6 weeks in advance notice about the interview to plan hotel and travel.

Phone interview questions:

- Would travelling to Montreal or Vancouver be a problem? one easier?
- Any visible tattoos or piercings? ( I was still nervous at this point that my answer was I have my ears pierced one hole on each ear of course. She laughed at my answer haha)
- Why work for disney?
- Sharing a room with someone and living with up to 5 different people from around the world how will you handle it?
- The hot humid climate and working long hours how will you cope?
- What position is your first choice?
- You will be getting a lot of questions from people about Canada and where you live what would you tell them?

Have a magical day!



I applied for the program the day after I turned 18. I had been counting down the days until I was finally old enough to apply to work for the mouse. The application was surprisingly really easy. After going on the walt disney international program website I found the yummy jobs website that is where I found out more information about the program and how to apply. I uploaded my CV and filled out the form and hit send and then began the wait. The questions they ask on the website are basic questions about your information, why you want to do the program and when you are available from. To make your CV yummy jobs has useful templates that they give you on their website. If you want take time to explore their website as they have more information then just programs. The thing I love about yummy jobs is that their website is very user friendly and Kristen is very friendly and helpful. I know that she deals with prople from all over canada who want to know about the program and people who are already in the program but when you have a question she makes it seem like she puts thought into the answer not just copy and pasting answers.

After you apply depending on when you applied you may have to wait a few months or a few days to hear back about what the decision is. After the initial interview there is a pre screen telephone interview as well as a face to face interview.

Have a magical day!

A little bit about myself

Hello there!

Welcome to my fist of many blogs! I am currently in the process of applying for the Disney international program. I have applied for the cultural representative program. I am 18 years old from a city outside of Toronto, Ontario. If I get this wonderful opportunity I will be spending 12 months in the most magical place in the world, Walt Disney World! I hopefully will be working in Epcot's world showcase in the Canadian pavilion. So yes, basically I will be in the USA working as a Canadian. Most of you might already know this but in the world showcase every country that is represented is fully staffed only by the people who actually live and are from there. They educate the public on their country and how they live, as well as continue to give the amazing experience the Disney resorts are known for.

I found out about this program in October of 2011 when researching schools. One of the colleges I was looking at has a program where they students can spend a semester working and going to school at Walt Disney World. That is where my research began, I came across the website where I looked at the different programs offered. I first was interested in what at the time was called the summer exchange program which now they call it the J-1 cultural exchange program. When I realized that you had to be in university to participate I decided to look at other options as I was determined to find some way to get to work for Disney. I had read about the CRP but I never gave it much thought. It is a one year program and I thought that was too much time for me to be away from home in a different country for the first time. I thought about it more as it was my only option and I decided now was a good time to apply. I am currently taking a gap year after high school and if I get into this program will take another year off. At first I was planing to make this blog when and if I got accepted into this program but I decided to no longer wait until I find out. I am making this in January but I started my application in November.

Thats all for now,

Have a magical day!