Sunday, 26 January 2014

Brain fart

I can't believe it has been so long since I last updated. I don't really remember what I have done between then and now so I will write about last weeks days off and nothing about work recently unless I think of something.

Last week Matt's best friend and his girlfriend came to visit. On thursday I had the day off so I joined them at the magic kingdom. They got there early and I was in no rush so I showed up around 11:30. Once I got there I met up with them at the exit of the haunted mansion as they where on the ride. We walked around and went on a few rides and I don't remember what ones in what order we did. I think we went to big thunder after. Matt didn't go on as he felt bad that I just arrived and we stayed off and watched the people on the ride go by. We then went back to their hotel so they could change and out pants on. We then ate in the food court at the hotel. After that we got back on the bus to MK to watch the fire works. We went on a few more rides then watched celebrate the magic and then wishes. Celebrate the magic is definitely my favourite thing at MK. They project stuff onto the castle and it is amazing, in my opinion way better then the actual fireworks. After the fireworks they where trying to figure out the plans for the next day. Eric invited me to join them at Hollywood studios. After we figured out what the plan was we walked towards the busses. Once Matt and I Got back to vista he told me he would text me letting me know what bus he was going to take in the morning, I didn't have to take that one if I wanted to come later. After I got home I just got ready for the next day and went to bed. Matt like he said he would, texted me and told me what bus he was going to be taking. The next morning I got up showered and left the house in 30 min. We got on the bus and on the way there Matts friend called him saying they where running a little late and would be leaving soon. Once they got there the four of us went into the park to devise a plan of what to do. The wait for tower was crazy long so we decided to do star tours as it only had a ten min wait. Really it was more like a walk on with a long que line to go through. After that we went over and watched the Indiana stunt show. It was super cool! Definitely something I will take y family too! After the show was over we where all cold and hungry so we went and got food. Well Matt and I did anyway. We ate out food waitig for the lights motor action show. It was cool but not something I will take my family too unless they really want to. After we did that we went over and got on the great movie ride. Definitely one of my favourite things to do at Disney. After that we went over to tower of terror. I love that ride more and more very time. After that we came up with a plan for the rest of the night. We ended up getting on a bus and going to down town Disney. We looked in a few stores before going to the Lego store. Matt and Eric decided to make Lego cars and race them. We where probably there for almost an hour. Finally when they finished their card they had te big race. Everyone around was watching then as there where a bunch of kids and then two guys in their 20's getting overly excited over their Lego cars. After they had their big race we walked and chose a place to eat. We went to planet Hollywood. I had been to one before but it was so long ago I forgot really what it was about. It was super cool! It wasn't that expensive and it was good good which is always a plus. When we say down I noticed the kid at the table next to us had a cup that glowed. I obviously wanted one too. I saw the drink menu and of course they where are movie names. I got the tangled, it was puna colada mix a few types of juice and then grenadine I think. It was $6 but getting the cup was soooo worth it! After dinner we said out goodbyes and went our seprate ways. It was a good way to end their visit. It was so much fun hanging out with them. Matt and Eric reminded me of Danielle and myself. Friends for a super long time that they have this unspoken communication and are both totally crazy. It was nice to be around someone like Danielle at the whining of her adventure. Once Matt and I got home we met back up half hour later to go to Walmart. I was running low on food and I normally go to both publix and Walmart. I decided it's always better to go with someone then alone. Once we got home from shopping we both where super tired. So I just went home and rght to bed.

Friday my plan was to go to publix do laundry and relax. Basically everything I wanted to do the past two days. That didn't happen though. Nycole also had the day off and she wanted to go to a park. I agreed to go because I knew she was leaving soon and I didn't really get a chance to hang out wth her. We went to the outlets first quickly and then where going to get the Hollywood studios bus. Turns out we would have had to wait almost an hour for a bus. So we decided to go to EPCOT instead. We went on space ship earth and then went on the figment ride. It was the weirdest thing I have ever done. I do not ever want to do that again unless I am forced there was no joy in that ride. After we did that we went over to watch the Canada movie. We went to kid cot first and coloured for a bit and then went to go see the show. I wasn't really paying attention to what was going on so I didn't point things out like I wanted too. After that we walked over to Germany and I bought a chocolate bar. I ate it so fast I ended up not feeling to good. I thought that it was because of how fast I ate it so I ignored it. We went on the Norway boat ride and then visited Monica at the bakery. After that we went home and I went to bed as I wasn't feeling well.

I went to work on saturday although I felt really sick I was too afraid to call in so I went anyway…. Big mistake. It was the sickest I have felt in a while. I powered through the day though and I went right home and went to bed.

I will write about sunday in my next post. At least now I am caught up for two weeks ago almost!!!

Have a magical day!


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