Sunday, 5 January 2014

Osborne spectacle of dancing lights

Today was a not very exciting day. I went grocery shopping and then I came home unpacked all of that and then I decided to go to Hollywood studios to see the lights. The last day is the 5th of january and so I wanted to see them before they where gone. I went and then walked to the streets of America and then I looked at the lights for a bit and then they all danced to christmas music. I totally forgot they did that because I guess my brain wasn't working. I looked around for a few min and then I went over to star tours to get a fast pass for my collection and then I went back to get the bus. As I was walking to the stop a bus pulled up. I started to run/ jog to it and lucky someone on the bus told the driver I was coming so they waited for me. On the way back it was really cool because there where two guys talking about how they are "friends" with characters they where talking about the costumes and things about the job. I love that side of Disney and my dream job would be a character attendant/ dancer. It was cool to hear them talking about and how clearly this one guy loved his job and cared about it and the guests that they saw. After I got home I made some food and watched a movie in bed and then I went to sleep nice and early as I have decided I have been going to bed too late/ for too long and I need to change it. So I decided to go to bed super early and yeah still ended up sleeping in….. Oh well maybe next time!

Have a magical day!!!


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