Tuesday, 24 December 2013


I did it again I kept putting off this post and honestly right now I don't really want to blog but I made myself do it. I am going to briefly update so I can do something else.

I worked wed- saturday the normal dumb guest, EMH being oh so magical as always.

Now for my days off. Sunday I slept in like usual went to publix and then just watched movies at home. Yesterday I took the bus to Walmart and then walked to whole foods and bought a few things that I needed. I then went to Carrie to her church christmas party and then we came home and then went back out to go to the dollar store and Walmart. We got home around midnight and so I went right to bed. Today I got my package my mom sent me in the mail and did laundry and relaxed watching disney movies and making cookies. I am currently on Skype with my sister for over 3 hours and now I am watching the cartoon grinch movie over Skype. This is basically my day. It was a good last day off before 7 days of work.

Yup 7 days of work….. It sucks but the worst park is that on day 7 is new years eve and I'm at work until 1:15am. I have the next day off but one of the girls that I work with it's her last day and so I want to go say goodbye and such.

well thats all for now!!!

Have a magical day!


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