Friday, 6 December 2013

Magic Kingdom yet again!

Yes today I went to magic kingdom! For those of you wondering that is three times in less then a week! I went today with someone so I didn't go alone! I was with Kim, it was her first time going since traditions so we had to go. We did all the same rides I had done except for its a small world as it was closed :(. We did splash mountain, carousel of progress and buzz lightyear spin which I hadn't done yet either. It was a nice day out, not to hot but not too cold so we didn't freeze either. We where there with a group of 500 high school students from Argentina too. It made everything more exciting where we were trying to do things before they got there. I love that park so much. I like that there is so much to do there. It does feel the most like a theme park but it is okay because it is where I feel most of the magic happens. When we went on splash mountain I lied a bit to Kim and said that the ride was you go up a hill then back down thats it. It is kinda true but she quickly figured out I was not being honest. It was still funny how every time we where about to drop she would freak out and then close her eyes and swear. We are working on her not swearing so much its a long process and I don't know if it will be successful we will try though!

Have a magical day!


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