Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Last week was just a normal week here in Florida. On Monday I went to property control and down down Disney then hosted games later that night. On Tuesday I got my haircut then I met up with carey and and we wet to mk. We met Peter Pan, watched dream along with Mickey, watched the parade and saw hall of presidents. After that we went to Hollywood studios and went to meet characters there at the streets of America. We went in star tours and walked around. I went back to vista but she stayed to watch the frozen fireworks. Wednsday I went to Epcot as part of Alex and Liz's last stuff they went drinking around the world. I met up with them around noon and we went on our way. They went to every other country and we ended up splitting into two teams half of us went home early and the ther half state and finished the world and watched the fireworks. There was a group of us Canadians some that I don't get to spend a lot of time with. Llauren from the uk was also there. I was glad I got to spend the afternoon with her. She is really cool and I don't get to see her much. The rest of the week I just worked. On Sunday I had this girl sam's assement day. I had the joys if listening to one of my managers talk about the program and work for an hour. Things that in previous assement a take maybe half an hour. 

Yesterday I went to the water parks with tiz and Kayleigh. Last week Tiz mentioned that the watermarks are free again for cast members. We talked about going and then when we thought about what park to go to we jokingly said "both... TWO PARKS ONE DAY!" We came up with rules based on the regular 4 parks one day chalange. We originally planned to go to blizzard beach but I missed that bus. We ended up going to typhoon lagoon instead. They have this giant clock near the wave pool. We thought we were there for a long time and then assumed that clock was wrong.  It said it was only 12 but we thought it was later then that. None of us had any way of knowing so we decided not to ask anyway. We did everything we wanted and went to the lockers to get our stuff so we could get food. We got to the lockers and it was only 1:13. Seeing as I got on the bus at 10:50 at vista and it took almost 20 min to get there we were all suprised. We decided to actually do the "chalange" because we had so mch time left in the day. We got lunch then took a picture with the park icon. We went to get on a bus to a resort to transfer to another bus to blizzard beach. Turns out after 2 all the busses go to Epcot then we had to transfer there. Eventually we made it to Blizzard beach. The theme is much different but I liked it. It's a smaller park but has more of the thrill rides. We took the chairlift up to this family raft ride, it was so cool! It was really long and went quite fast. We went on a few other raft slides. There was this one that was inclosed. I thought it was going to be really dark and bumpy but it wasn't at all. They had these lights that went along the inside of the tube. It was like a water version of space mountain we decided To go all the way around on the lazy river. It took probally a half an hour... We don't actually know though. After the lazy river we went and got our stuff had a snack took our picture and then went to wait for the bus. I got home and made food and skyped Danielle before games. We played haunted mansion life and we actually finished the game for once! We were all really tired so they went home and I went to bed. 

Today I slept in and then went to property control and cast connection. I went back to my apartment to charge my phone and ate lunch. I organized all my pins too. I bought this thick lanyard planing to put my pins on it. It turns out I have to many big pins so they hardly all fit. Turned out to be a really bad idea actually. I am now on the Walmart bus. I was planing on goig to Walmart then publix but I decided I didn't really need to go to Walmart so now I am sitting on the bus waiting to leave Walmart and go to publix. It takes much longer then walking but we already made our last stop at housing when I changed my mind. Oh well have me time to update my blog! There is a throw out tonight I am going to go to. Then tomorrow it's Alex, Liz and Llaurens last day of work so I will be goig there early for their last day stuff.

Well that's all there is for now!

Have a magical day!


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