Thursday, 7 August 2014

Jessie McCartney

I just finished finally posting about June and July. While I am on a role I am going to continue with this week so far. 

On Sunday one of the new girls Kathleen and I had planed on going to Epcot for the day. In the morning she texted me saying she had a migrane and really wanted a massage. She asked if I wanted to go. I said yes as I didn't really have a reason not too. Yes it was expensive, but it was someone to go with. We went to the yacht club and then after walked to Epcot to get dinner from morocco. We went over to Norway and got to basically walk on the ride because Kathleen knows someone well enough for us to go in the fast pass line. We walked over to the land pavilion and went on Living with the land. We sat in the land for awhile before going back to the bus. It was a very relaxed day and I am glad I spent it with Kathleen.

Monday Jess, Madeline and I had originally planed to go to AK to become wilderness explorers. I missed the bus by like 10 seconds at vista. I got on a bus hoping to be able to get the bus at Chatham. Jess and Madeline got on the bus at commons. They got off at Chatham because I wasn't there. We sat waiting for a bus for almost 20 min when Jess said she really just wanted a pool day. So that's what we did, we walked to the commons and swam for awhile. After we went to the outlets and had lunch. I went home after and decided to then go to Walmart to get it over with. I went to games at Sheldon's appartment at Paterson. It was a large croud for a change so that was fun. 

Tuesday I slept in and then got ready. Carey, Cassidy and I went to the Jessie McCartney concert at house of blues. Cassidy and I had the day off so we could of gone when ever. Carey had to work untill three so we waited for her. We got to down town Disney by 6 and went to line up. It was less crowded then the bsb concert I went to at first. Later on the plce filled up an it was the same amount of people at both concerts. This girl Guinevere opened for him and she was really good. I think she only has a few songs because she sang three songs by other artists. After she was done we waited another half an hour before Jessie McCartney came on the stage. He puts on a really good show. Considering it was at hob and he is in his comeback time. He is really talented, although not so much in the wardrobe area. The first outfit he had on was this suit jacket (thinner but looked like it) and these weird oleaster pants. He and the two dancers had the same pants. After the second song he was already dropping in sweat. Half way through he did a costume change. Only to out on a t-shirt with a hoodie on top. Not the smartest thing ever, oh well his poor decision. He had a good mix of his new album and old songs that everyone would know. His encore song was beautiful soul. That's really the only option. Such a classic song, although I recently learned about his song body language. That is super classy it's fantastic. Haha over all it was a fun night. The three of us got on the bus back to housing. Cassidy went to the throw out but I just went home. The two girls leaving are not very nice so I decided I would rather sleep then go as support them.

Yesterday and today have been the same old work thing. Nothing really exciting happened there. Oh a new girl is arriving next week and she will have training the following week. It's so weird that she is finally here. She is kristals replacement and I remeber thinking that she was not going to arrive for awhile. 

Yay! I am officially updated!!! (For now anyway) 

Have a magical day!


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