Thursday, 29 May 2014

Starlight splash and Alan Parsons Live project

I know I let it happen again. Its been almost  a month since I last updated. I am doing it now though and this month will have to be broken into three parts.

Starting with starlight splash. Seeing as all the housing events are for the CP's this one was their big end of program event. Disney interational programs buys out typhoon lagoon for a night and they host this big party. They have food, a DJ and fireworks. I normally have Wednesdays off but that day I had to work. It worked out for the best because I ended up going with people instead of alone hoping to find someone. It was so much fun. I heard about the event before and so many people say it's a program highlight. I agree it was one of the best nights so far, I hardly ever spend time with canadians. It was  nice to just hang out and spend time with them. We spent most of the time in the wave pool and we took some amazing photos and videos.

A few weeks ago i had my first am gard shift. I was dreading this as soon as I saw it come up on my schedule. All I knew about it was from when Matt would be forced to go. He said he hated it so much, so it didn't look too promising to me at all. I got there and got a tour of the stage. That was the coolest thing as I love backstage stuff in the entertainment business. I was on the tech both, that means that I had to hold a rope and keep the centre isle clear. It sucked but it will be a lot worse in the summer when it gets really hot. It wasn't that bad, I was done at 8:45 instead of 9:15 so that was a plus.

Have a magical day!


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