Thursday, 29 May 2014

Here we go again

This week we had to say goodbye to so many Canadians. Three in the attraction, two from merch and two from food and bev. It has been a rough few weeks slowly as the time went on it sunk in that they are leaving. With every situation there are people who I was okay with leaving and some who I never wanted to leave. For me that would be Erica from merch and Matt from attractions. Erica was like merch and attractions mom. She is the responsible one with the voice of reason at all times. Over the past few months I have spent more time with her at games I am going to miss her so much. The biggest loss is Matt. Matt quickly became my best friend down here and he taught me so much. Coming down here you learn so much about life and yourself. The people you work with quickly become your new family and you create a bond that you can't create anywhere else and you can never explain to anyone. Other people who have left before this week I was friends with but I wasn't that close to them. Matt leaving has been the hardest thing I have had to go through yet and is the beginning of many difficult goodbyes. Yesterday was their last day of work, I spent a few hours at the attraction and quickly it became time for their last spiels. I walked over to greeter and then went into the pre show to wait for the first spiel to start. Thats when I saw them, some of the merchies who where there for Erica and Julie's last also came. Vicky went first and there where so many people, then by the time that Matt had his last spiel more managers had shown up. The year is full of ups and downs but they truly got the send off they deserved. After they where done work we did the boot toss and then put the rest of their costumes in cast services and thats when we learned how hard it would be to travel in a large group. We had two groups and we where planing to join into one group eventually. That kinda happened but the original attraction group got split into two. We went and saw captain EO and then went on spaceship earth. After that we got on the monorail to MK. We got into the main gates and decided on a plan. We had to take the boat over and that was okay with me, I like it better anyway. Matt suggested that we all get either I'm celebrating buttons or family reunion buttons. He decided on family reunion buttons so Alex went off and got 20 buttons. That was when the rest of us went and got food and sat down for a bit. We then went on pirates and we had our own boat. We tried to take a selfie and as soon as matt had pressed the button the cast member said "No flash photography". Of course the flash went off and we all jokingly made a big deal and "got mad" at Matt. We where going to go on haunted mansion but  Erica's one request was carousel of progress and she couldn't stay after the fireworks. So we started to head over there, because it takes forever for a large group to get sorted out by the time that we where able to get on the ride we wouldn't have time to do both wishes/celebrate the magic and the ride. We came up with a plan and so we went to watch wishes Right after we went on the carousel and thats always a good time. We then walked out of the park as the electrical parade was going on and we saw half of it and the last float we saw was the peter pan float. We saw peter and that was the best way to end the night. We walked to the contemporary and then ran to catch the bus. Over all it was an amazing day, an emotional roller coaster for sure but it was a great last day. Six more weeks until Alison leaves, three months for Kristal and 5 months until mine. It will be hard adjusting to life here without the five of them but hopefully things will get almost back to normal quickly.

Have a magical day!


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