Saturday, 31 May 2014

Star Wars weekends

Yesterday was an intresting day. It was planed that I would go to Matt's house at 10 to say goodbye. He ended up having to say goodbye to someone on their way to work so I met him at the bus stop. We got to his place and he finished organizing stuff and moved everything out of his room. We sat down for a few min waiting for his roommate to get back to vista with his rental car. Once his roommate arrived Matt moved his stuff from his apartment and returned his key and housing id. He got his stuff to outside vista and that's when I said goodbye. I walked back to my apartment trying my hardest not to break down. When I got back to my place Kim was awake and she told me her plan for the day. I decided to tag along as I couldn't just sit at home and do nothing. We were on the bus to mk costuming when I got a message from Carey (not my roommate). She asked if I wanted to join her at Epcot/HS if I get up to it or needs a distraction. I decided to join her but it would take awhile as I was on my way to mk. I went to costuming and then to property control. I found this really awesome hook boat with a snow globe inside. There was also this other Aladdin music thing I was going to get untill I realized I didn't have my canadaian bank card on me. I got on a bus to the ttc and then on a bus to Epcot. When I met up with Carrie we walked over to Hollywood studios. We went on tower of terror and then met up with baby Nate. We looked in darth's mall. I didn't have any money on me so I couldn't get anything. We went and got lunch from pizza planet and then walked around a bit more. We then met up with Daniel from food and bev. He was on a mission to meet characters but as it was raining they where not out. We went and watched the padewon family chalange that turned out to be a lot cooler then I expected. Muffy from that's so raven was te host. Apparently she is the voice of a character on the clone wars but who really cares about that right? After Daniel and Nathan went to meet characters and I sat with Carey as she finished her cupcake she bought. They where in line for darth mall ( or how ever you spell it). We reconigned him but that's about it. We went on the great movie  ride (the best thing in that park). We met up with them after and we walked around a bit more before finding a spot for the fireworks. They had a small stage show where they brought out the characters and then they had the fire works. They where surprisingly good, I was not expecting that. They had fireworks going off to the songs from the Star Wars movies. After those where over Carey and I where exhausted so we went home and Daniel and baby Nate went to see a movie. I got home and ate some food then passed out. All day I was too busy to process that Matt was actually gone. For the past few days and even more so yesterday I kept thinking about things that happened over the past 7 months. I realized that any exciting thing to happen so far Matt has been there. Starlight splash, training, when I became a trainer and so much more. Honestly when Amanda said that when the person you are closest too goes home you tap out, I didn't believe her. Now I kinda do, I also understand why Kristal became super busy when Jeremy left. I know this won't last long but there's a part of me that just wats to go home. I am already thinking about my last few days here and how I will pack up all my stuff. Before I was thinking 5 months wasn't that much time. Now it seems like forever. I keep thinking that Matt and I became close 5 months ago. It went by so fast but it feels like forever. I am currently on a bus to MK, still haven't found my Canadian bank card so this is the next best thing to emotional shopping. Also better for my bank account. I will be there for a few hours untill I am emotionally stable again.
This is also something that you don't fully understand unless you go through it. People can say everything to prepare you  for this momen, it won't do anything. It's just something else to add to the list of things you don't expect untill it happens. So much that happens on this program no one understand unless they have too done this program. People back home may try and userstand but they won't get it. That's okay, that's why the people you work with become your support system because they are goig through it with you. 

Have a magical day! 


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