Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Vista wayyyyy

Sunday Feb 2nd:

Work was okay. Later that night it was Katie’s throw out. I didn’t realize it would take me a half hour to get to the apartment so I was almost 30 min late… I thought I had a lot of time when I got home from work. Turns out time goes faster then I thought. Everyone was obviously there for while when Carolyn and I walked in. It was still nice to go and say goodbye to Katie.

Monday Feb 3rd:

It was a normal day at work. Carolyn and I went to games. It was where’s waldo at the boardwalk/ Epcot resorts. It was my first games and I only went because it was Kaitie’s last. I was done at 9:15 and Carolyn was done at 9:30. Carolyn was changing and then as she walked out of the washroom I got a text from Matt. He was asking if I was coming. I was so confused, turns out Mary told Matt I was playing. So we walked over and caught up with Matt, Mary and Erica. The five of us went off trying to get points. The game had a really easy concept, take a picture with something from the list to get points. Find Waldo herself and get 500 points. Carolyn and I where so thankful we where with the other people as we would of gotten so lost. We never did find her, we met up with her in the spot where she was hiding. After that we just took the bus home.

Tuesday Feb 4th:

I had the day off and because I had left my stuff at EPCOT from the day before I decided to go and have an EPCOT afternoon. I got the bus over and then picked up more costumes. I walked over to the break trailer and saw Kristal. After that I went over to Captain EO. I decided to do everything that takes a long time or stuff I know not everyone will like. I wanted to kill as much as time as I could so I could take the bus with the closers home. After I did everything I wanted to do in future world I walked over to world showcase as I wanted to go to japan for dinner. I went into the china store, my favourate store in wsc. Then I continued on to Japan for dinner. I called my parents and then continued my walk and by the time I had gotten to Canada it was only 7 or almost 7 I cant remember. I had the plan to go visit kidcot and then go on nemo before going to sit in the trailer. That didn’t happen I ended up staying at kidcot almost till close. I then walked over and saw Matt at greeter and then we went and sat in the trailer until Sheldon showed up. The three of us walked out of the park at our own pace so that was nice not having to rush like I normally have to. When we left cast services we saw Zac in Jeremy’s car. He told us to get in and he would drive us home. Allison and Kristal took Sheldon home as he lives in Paterson. On the way back to Vista Matt asked if I wanted to see the new vista apartments. I went into it thinking it couldn’t be that amazing, for vista it was fantastic. The best part is that there are TWO FRIDGES!!! I don’t want to have to move to another third floor apartment, but for two fridges I will move anytime! The sooner the better but still.

Wednesday Feb 5th: 

I got up cleaned the apartment and then walked to wholefoods, I then finished my shopping at Wal-Mart. When I got home I unpacked my stuff and then skyped Ali for a few hours. I went to Walgreens with Kim and then to the clubhouse. We had another girl’s night in.

Thursday Feb 6th:

This morning Kim and I went to get our haircut at the outlets. We walked around there for a bit before going back to the apartment.  I watched Elf while writing in my journal. I then watched another movie, yes I know my life is exciting recently. There was a housing event but I decided to not go to it and just stay home. I shockingly went to the gym and ran on the treadmill for 30 min. When I got home I made dinner and watched the Olympics while skypeing with my family.

Have a magical day!


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