Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Well I did it again.... Shocking

I haven't posted in awhile. It's not that I don't have time too. I do, it's more that when I update and something happens it's only one day so I don't see the point in posting about it. Then I let more time pass and when I go to write another post it would take me forever as so much happened. It seems more of a chore then anything. Now I am on the bus back to vista from work. I charged my phone at work so realy I have no excuse now. I am going to try and remeber what has happened but for some reason over the past month I went from never having plans to always doing something on my days off. I am going to try and remeber main events that happened between the last time I posted and now.

Looking at my last post it was the day before Llauren, Liz and Alex's last day... Well that was a month an a half ago.... Let's start from there and this might have to turn into multi day/post thing. Anyway let's get started. 

So on Alex and Liz's last day I went to Epcot for 11 to watch the merch last day thing they do. After that was all done we walked around the world and made a stop into the uk pavilion to see Llauren in her last day. We took pictures with her and she made us sing O Canada as he filmed us. Imagine 6 or 7 Canadians singing our national anthom in the store of a diffrent country. It looked like she was recording it for us as she was in costume. We definitely got some weird looks from people. We went back to canada for the hand print and boot toss tradition. We went to the uk and got some food and a drink. Then the uk crew met up with us and we hung out in the pub. After awhile we went home as they all still needed to pack more. 

The next day I worked but Llauren and Alex spent the entire day at magic kingdom and they were going to watch wishes. So I met up with them after work. We went on a few rides before watching wishes. Wishes on last days are normally really sad. This was worse because it was the last one because... Well I am the next one to do that. After wishes we went on haunted mansion before catching the end of the electrical parade. We all said our goodbyes before going our seprate ways. 

The next big thing to happen was Carries birthday and Kristals last week. On sept 9th it was Carries birthday. She walked into my room and asked if I wanted to go to typhoon lagoon with her. I said I would go because, well I was suprised she even asked me. As we were leaving at the end of the day I asked Kristal if she needed at help getting ready for the throw out that night. She said she was okay but that I could join her when she went around the world to get her passport stamped. I decided to go with her so I bused to Epcot. I got there in good timing as she was walking out the back of the attraction as soon as I was backstage. We went around the world and even had time to watch the china movie and ride malestom and the Mexico boat ride. We went back to her place as started to get ready. She had so much stuff to give away. Her own stuff and things her roommate left behind. There was a good turn out for her throw out and I was happy about that. I didn't doubt other wise but the fact it was only one person and there was only one person doesn't really happen that often.

The next day it was Kristals last day. I went to the morning meeting with her, I went to the attraction and was there until around 11 when the place opened. I walked around epcot for a few hours before heading back to the attraction for Kristals last things. Olivia did her last spiel and it was amazing, the usual things happened after with the boot toss and such. Then Kristal went off on her own to return her costume. While she did that Amy, Henning and Jess worked on their Duffy, Duffy, Duffy project. We have way to much time on our hands at kid cot. So Amy and Jess came up with this idea, to take a picture with Duffy and get him to hold a Duffy holding a Duffy holding a Duffy. Might seem weird to a normal person but for us, it was the greatest thing to ever happen since we got orange markers. After we all finished colouring those Duffys we went and took our picture with Duffy and Kristal met up with us there. After the amazing picture to forever be remembered was taken we went to Canada to meet up with the other people. We then went drinking around the world ending in Mexico with time to spare before walking back to Canada with a few mins before the fireworks started. After the fireworks we all went to cast serviced and got in a vcab to sea dogs. It's wasn't the typical last day but thats what Kristal wanted and it was a good summary of her entire program. It was a nice night to hang out with everyone. After sea dogs we went to the commons to drop some people off and that is where I said goodbye to Kristal. She was a big part of my program and he leaving wasn't an easy thing.

Well thats all for now!

Have a magical day!


Yes I did finish this post in December... Oh well!

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