Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Goodbyes and future cries

This weekend will have its ups and downs. The up side is I get I see one of my best friends Shayne. The down side is that there's a 90% chance I will not see her until Christmas break of 2014. May not seem like that much time. But granted I have never gone more then 3 months without seeing her and that seems like a long time. It has really hit home that in 4 months I will have to say goodbye to everyone that I love and care for (cats included) and leave to start a new adventure. I am still just as excited but just not as excited for leaving. I was talking to my longest friend Danielle just now and she said  "I'm in denial and will be until a week after you leave".  This sucks so much but I know it is for the better. Shayne is going off to university out west and Danielle in Kingston. And either way I would be trapped in my same routine with no friends here to sped time with. To think I will make so many amazing friends over the summer and then I will be leaving. Guess now I have finally realized to enjoy more of the time I have left here. So that I don't just keep my head down praying time will go so fast.

I know I will be a mess after saying goodbye to Shayne. Girl if you ever read this. I want to let you know that I love you so much, we have only been friends for two years but it feels like a life time. You're a complete nut ball and that is why I love you. You inspire me everyday to be my better self and to actually get outside and do stuff haha. In all seriousness, you have become to be like a sister to me. I love you and I am really excited for the days when we are really old and talking about the "good old days" of teaching bears.  Or making me go in freezing Georgian bay in April in the poring rain. This weekend will be the last face to face connection we have but I am sticking around for the long haul. I'm just a Skype call, snap chat or text away. 

Now that I am all depressed I'm going to go try and read my book. 

Have a magical day, 


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